Wrapper the Rabbit

Adventures of Autumn

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Nestled deep in the heart of the countryside lies a beautiful valley; a peaceful place home to all manner of wildlife. Perhaps most notably of all is a young rabbit named Wrapper, with a heart full of excitement and an unquenchable thirst for adventure.

As the season of Autumn falls across the picturesque woods and hillsides he calls home, we follow Wrapper and his companions as they explore the world around them.  Making new friends as they go and getting into all manner of situations, Wrapper learns about life, the world in which he lives and even a little about himself along the way.

This collection of five short stories holds closely to themes of adventure, friendship and nature throughout.  You may just find yourself happily lost in a world where the grass is green and the air is fresh, with just a sprinkling of magic.

“Change is the only thing that will always be the same.    We just have to appreciate it as it comes.”

I loved the book it’s 10 out of 10

Eira Roots, aged 8

I think the book is very good and here is a picture I drew

Lilith Roots, aged 10

There’s quite a skill in writing a work such as this.  Good choices of vocabulary and interesting use of adverbs; over all a fine effort!

Steven Rigby, aged 74, Former English Teacher at Northborough School, Maidstone

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