Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats

Since 1989, Buttercups have been working to rescue, rehabiliate and rehome abused and abandoned goats from accross the UK. I have had the privellage of working with the charity since February 2013 and have also been responsible for the writing of the quarterly neswletter for the last few years, which is sent to thousands of people world wide.

In loving memory of Wilfred – The story of an unlikely little superstar

Wilfred’s story was the first I wrote for the newsletter, which soon lead me to wiritng the whole thing. He was my first “goat love”, from my very first day at the sanctuary, and this wonderful little guy will stay in my heart forever. From troubled beginings, to a happy life and eventually a tragic ending, he was a real sparkel of life, and his story provoked an emotional reaction in many.

To hear more stories form Buttercups, you can listen to a selection of our newsletters at www.buttercups.org.uk/tales.htm

Not that we do favourites but….


Arriving the sanctuary in late 2017, she was the smallest amongst four brothers, a little over 1-year-old. Since then, she has grown greatly in confidence and has even appeared on Channel 4s Secret Life of Farm Animals, due to her excellent problem solving abilities. Normally quite quiet, but it very vocal and good at getting her point across when necessary! She also enjoys a walk through the countryside on a Saturday afternoon and a good butt scratch.


Larger and more forward than his sister, Marmite is an extremely loving and friendly goat. One of his favourite things is a good cuddle and also enjoys dozing in the sun. This lovely boy is also due to appear on Channel 4s Four in a Bed this Autumn (*spoiler alert* not his finest moment). He certainly has his goofy moments and whilst he isn’t great at sharing food, Marmite is definitely the best boy on the yard!


This young lady has been with the herd since late 2019, arriving with her two sisters due to the sad loss of their previous owner. Daisy was very nervous at first, but after a little bit of time and attention she was won around, now loving nothing more than a fuss and a cuddle (and maybe even an extra snack or two). She is rather chunky girly and really quite noisy, with a very distinctive bleat.

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